When I watched Lain for the first time, I couldn't understand how does Lain fill the entire room with equipment. A bunch of servers and workstations? Quite understandable. But racks and racks of random equipment, like, what?

/me looks at things around me.
Now I know.

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@niconiconi @drwho I still resent that instead of a bolted on touchpad, we get Krapple style glass slabs.


@niconiconi The Snyder Cut of Serial Experiments Lain features four hours of Lain learning to use power tools to make her door wider and to upgrade the ventilation system, and two hours of Lain holding for the support line so she can inquire about return policies for a busted UPS before giving up and buying a new one.

It also features a subplot of Lain forging documents to qualify for an Enterprise plan from her ISP so she could open up more ports and get an extra "9" of uptime, and of Lain discovering a mold infection near one of the cooling tanks and disassembling half a rack because she didn't plan to make space to move it out of the way for cleaning.
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