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New Online Media Terminology:

(then -> now)
articles -> content
music -> content
video -> content
podcast -> content
game -> content
artwork -> content
threads -> content

@neo @niconiconi

Content is the feedstock for ads. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as the residue coming from the cauldron of Engagement is Revenue..

lewd → disallowed content
politics → restricted content
personal sites → cave paintings
@anedroid @niconiconi Fun things done the pre-content™ way, often without any idea of profit and independent enough that it's like having a home in the web?

@lanodan It's not disallowed if you are an official OnlyFans content creator 😂

author -> content creator
musician -> content creator
filmmaker -> content creator
podcaster -> content creator
game developer -> content creator
artist -> content creator
letter to editor -> content creator
citizen -> consumer/producer

Damn where's the meme about the girl's ass bleeding "from the content she just created" lmao
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