New Online Media Terminology:

(then -> now)
articles -> content
music -> content
video -> content
podcast -> content
game -> content
artwork -> content
threads -> content

@neo @niconiconi

Content is the feedstock for ads. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as the residue coming from the cauldron of Engagement is Revenue..

lewd → disallowed content
politics → restricted content
personal sites → cave paintings
@anedroid @niconiconi Fun things done the pre-content™ way, often without any idea of profit and independent enough that it's like having a home in the web?

@lanodan It's not disallowed if you are an official OnlyFans content creator 😂

@niconiconi "I really like your content!" as if it's not just some dude playing a video game on-stream.

@theruran @niconiconi
If I was writing a blog about technical tidbits or documenting the more arty things I make, and somebody told me "I really like your content", I'd have ambivalent feelings.

OTOH, I do appreciate the gesture a lot, as I believe reaching out to express appreciation beyond a one-click thumbs-up is becoming uncommon.

OTOH, if the things I put my heart into are summarised with such a general, superficial term, I'd wonder how much the person actually relates to it.

@floppy @theruran @niconiconi I really appreciate stuff like this. Even if someone didn't take the time to articulate why they liked something.

just the fact that they liked it enough to try and contact me leaves me with warm fuzzies.

Same story when I get an email about a bandcamp purchase. I mostly just put it up there for myself and I do very little if any marketing so getting a purchase makes me feel like my stuff really resonated with someone.

@kevin @theruran @niconiconi
I do think what you describe is the right attitude! Simply being happy about the shared positivity.

Maybe I'm just a bit sour about the overuse of the word "content". :s

author -> content creator
musician -> content creator
filmmaker -> content creator
podcaster -> content creator
game developer -> content creator
artist -> content creator
letter to editor -> content creator
citizen -> consumer/producer

Damn where's the meme about the girl's ass bleeding "from the content she just created" lmao
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