imagine thinking ips are private info

this post comes from runs their own webserver gang

@root imagine thinking ips are NOT private info & is necessary to run a server

this post comes from runs their own tor onion service gang

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@niconiconi i prefer having people actually visit my website

idk what that is but..

I have a reverse proxy to a proxy to another proxy that directs my traffic into tor . it's lovely.

so that's at least 6 layers.

@logan @TransGal4872 @root If you're accessing a onion service via Tor, there's another 3 layer on the server-side, so you're behind 9 layers of proxy :blobcatgiggle: I also have my yacy search engine running through tor as well so ,

even if hypothetically someone listen in they would see a whole lot of randomness.

that's purely accidental but eh, it works in my favor
🤷‍♂️ yacy complains that it can't be seen by the other peers though, that's kind of funny because all the necessary ports are wide open.

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