Popsci YouTuber Veritasium made a shock video about how energy doesn't flow in wires. To me it's just the standard indoctrination in all RF, EMI/EMC books - every circuit, even a battery, a switch and a lightbulb, in principle is an antenna, or at least a transmission line, and to understand what really happens, you need E&M simulations instead of thinking about electrons or current - Fundamentally, nothing controversial.

But apparently its "everything you know is wrong" & "pure theory over practice" style presentation enraged an army of engineers, now there's a huge flame war at EEVBlog with EEs arguing over all the technicalities.

One reply says,
> Having skimmed the whole of this thread, I'm wondering if Mr Veritasium has achieved the impossible: has he found a worthy successor to the perennial "is a BJT voltage controlled or current controlled" question that has powered the Interwebs for the past 20 years or so? I've got a feeling this energy thing is gonna run and run.

Exactly, LMAO!!! 🤣


I'm now joining this "energy doesn't flow in wires" flame war by providing a great deal of ammunition from reliable sources using my libgen collection. Let's wait and see the extra flame it makes. LMAO. 🤣

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