Shenzhen I/O should have a realism option. When it's set to high, you need to search all over the web and pay over 200 CNY download fees in paid forums before you get the leaked datasheet you need. If you are unlucky, you have to reverse engineer the chip specification from schematics of an existing design, or if you are especially unlucky, you need to hunt all over Taobao for commercial products that internally use the chip you need for reverse engineering.

@a1ba I paid VIA $200 to get a reference board and made my libre version so others don't have to.

@niconiconi i did appreciate the "no translation for this data sheet exists" level though

@niconiconi 2021 mode where everything has a 52 week lead time and you have to buy from sketchy brokers who might sell you counterfeits

@cinebox And extra unexpected tasks on rush-redesigning or downright downgrading something you just made because of component shortage...

@niconiconi @cinebox
Add a media outlet that takes pride in thoroughly testing your products and then calling you out when it blows up due to too cheap MOSFETs

@niconiconi And here I was annoyed about that one part in Shenzhen I/O that doesn't come with a datasheet..

@niconiconi ah yes, escaping real life where im trying to hunt down a UPD78F0513 by playing a game where i have to try to find an SLG46827-A

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