/me is trying to find a historical Usenet post with full message headers, now downloading the 30-year Usenet archive from (this is a newer and different archive, it's not the same as the well-known UTZoo archive that recently generated a lot of buzz after someone wrote a web frontend reader).

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In Otomo Katsuhiro's 1995 film Memories (Magnetic Rose), protagonists were trapped inside an abandoned space station, unable to escape due to illusions. It turned out the station was controlled by a supercomputer, playing 3D holograms nonstop, created by AI from dead owner's recorded life experience. The memories' had eternal life - archived as full simulations, but simultaneously lifeless - everything in the simulation had long dead, and although they were interactive, one couldn't create new outcomes, only replaying history.

Reading archives provoke the same feeling. Unlike web snapshots, a mbox file is a full simulation, You read posts in "real time", see people discussing news, tech, art, hobby, fandom, or life, full of wonderful things - just like a current forum, time is the only difference. One can easily spend months if not years inside. Simultaneously it's sad, all external resources are no longer accessible. More importantly, nobody is here to reply your posts.

Even the name of the anime is appropriate for making the association. These archives really are magnetic memories .

The Usenet archive for sci.crypt stopped in 2007, too bad. Now trying alt.os.multics, it stopped in 1995, good, but with an one-year gap and my message was in that gap. :blobfacepalm:

Also tried alt.sys.pdp10, no luck. It even has some messages from the same month. I'm afraid that the original post may be never actually delivered to the archivist's server by UUCP. Lost in time, like tears in rain.

Success! Lost historical Usenet post found! :blobcataww: Still not the original message, but it's a report with full headers, good enough.

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