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Reports of WireGuard blocking in Russia, September 3–8, 2021 I'm surprised to see Russia did it before China. Still a wake-up call for me to get a backup plan...

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@EWings No, it's not. UDP usability is often bad due to QoS; depending on your ISP, UDP packet loss can suddenly be 100%. But AFAIK, there is no WireGuard-specific censorship. If your UDP is generally okay, WireGuard is usable.

@niconiconi I always thought bridges like ShadowSocks is a must have these days.. Last time I was insie the firewall several years ago TCP OpenVPN is still kind of usable in some of the large cities, but I don't know whether that's still the case now.

@niconiconi How about SSH tunnels to private servers abroad?

@4l3x An idea outdated by 10 years. It was great before 2008, but since 2011 or so, the Great Firewall was able to perform traffic analysis and block SSH servers in real time if you dare to use tunneling.

@niconiconi Dang it. How about a remote desktop? E.g. via nomachine or simply virt-manager via a remote connection. It's not tunneling, so maybe ...

@niconiconi Here's another thought. Try getting a foreign SIM card that offers a good volume in your country. When I use my EU card in more restrictive environments I don't ever get locked in and still get my EU IP. However getting and maintaining the card can be difficult. Also data volume is always an issue. But there are quite acceptable options.

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