- Click "Download PDF"
- IEEE: Pay $30 first!
- Open the paper via Sci-Hub
- "This paper is U.S. Government work, not protected by U.S. copyright."

Fun fact: some papers on Sci-Hub is 100% legal.


BTW, US National Institutes of Health's online library is really cool. What's so cool about a medicine website, just see what you can find here.

* Evaluation of Strategies for the Development of Efficient Code for Raspberry Pi Devices

* Algorithms for Lightweight Key Exchange

* True Random Number Generator (TRNG) Utilizing FM Radio Signals for Mobile and Embedded Devices

Quite a lot Open Access papers about security, cryptography, electronics, and programming - because IoT is also biotech...Try searching with "site:ncbi.nlm.nih.gov", you'll find surprises...

@niconiconi though since it has all sorts of stuff, it's a pain when a horse-paste stan finds a random article and says "It must be true, it's on the NIH website"

@niconiconi Huh, never knew what those random letters stand for in that domain name, which kept popping up on a certain kind of web searches. TIL

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