Dead-bug soldering is an acceptable method to patch a production circuit board per IPC-7721. Awww, even looking at it is painful, there must be a lot of industrial horror stories behind these photos...

...and deliberately tombstoning an SMD resistor to install a mod wire to a production board is acceptable, too. From now on, whenever I do this I'll claim the board is hacked using the recommended industry standard technique.

@niconiconi I haven't seen this in this thread so I think this needs to be posted.
You can go even further with some bodges and claim they are according to NASA standards.
See, section 3.02 and 3.03


@ripper Thanks for posting. I know this NASA manual, but I didn't know it has an updated HTML version.

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@niconiconi Yeah, I didn't know that too. I was searching for the PDF to link it, but found this instead.

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