Reddit and Stack Exchange are both offline, Varnish cache server Guru Mediation (I bet they use the same CDN and at least one datacenter is having issue), and nobody's talking about it?

Okay, At least Reddit updated its status page. No update from Stack Exchange yet...


It's official. Confirmed! Fastly CDN is down, bringing hundreds of major sites down with it, including Reddit and Stack Exchange.

CDN seems back online again. Still, seeing "degraded performance" across 100 datacenters around the world and hundreds of major websites offline is phenomenal.

慢速接入 Slowly CDN,在有限的条件下让您的应用响应速度极致降低。不完善的基础设施,没有合作伙伴,老旧的技术,"睿智"的系统,赫赫的服务,服务可用率不高于50%!

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