> no fread or fwrite, only mmap()
Multician spotted.

@niconiconi @astrid funny thing that I realized recently. Apparently fread() won't return partial reads, unlike read().

the mmap thing seems kinda painful though, I would rather use something like https://wiki.c2.com/?SendReceiveReply
@MisakaMikoto @niconiconi @astrid this is because C stdio exposes the same semantics everywhere over the raw syscall. on unix they're easily conflated because C stdio does little magic on unix, whereas it does on other platforms (newline conv on windows, text encoding on mainframes, etc.) except on unix, fread protects you from PC lusering

@libc @MisakaMikoto @astrid
> fread protects you from PC lusering
Ha! Best one-line summary ever.

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