GNU info was originally the "info" package in Emacs...

Now I understand why I had no clue about it. As a Vim user, perhaps I really need to remember some basic Emacs, they're everything and not be able to navigate in them is a shame. <flame>For example, C-x C-c is the solution to most problems...</flame>


As a Vim user I really need to learn some Emacs keybindings so I can use bash properly... Move one word forward / backward: M-f and M-b, or M-[left] and M-[right], this is easy. Next one, to the beginning and end of line: C-a and C-e... Delete a word: C-w. Paste: C-y. Undo: C-/... Not sure if I can remember that by tomorrow.

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@niconiconi Or you can tell bash to use vi keybindings

@jkb Yes, I know. The thing is, I have many servers and I'd like to work on them with no customization whatsoever. Also, I think the overhead of vi's mode switching doesn't worth it when all you have is a single line. If the command is long, I use C-x C-e to enter vi anyway...

@niconiconi Damn, you're actually making me reconsider my configuration choices

@leo_song I run all terminal programs with mouse support disabled. I still want to use the mouse for selecting and copying text.

@leo_song Unfortunately on QubesOS it's a hotkey conflict. The system global copy & paste uses the same keybinding and I hate it...

@niconiconi Why the global copy and paste key not work in terminal? Sounds like it's designed to copy & paste things with terminals.

@niconiconi You can set the terminal to Vi mode, if that would be preferable.

@niconiconi It's hard to predict where M-←/→doesn't work

@niconiconi Emacs的命令基于语义我觉得是命令相当多的情况下不错的选择
当然我大概是个异端,vim几乎只会insert mode, emacs用得却还行。

@minung 对于基本的编辑命令而言,我也可以说 vi 的命令也是基于语义的……

前进一个单词:w: word
删除一个单词:dw: delete word
替换一个单词:cw: change word
复制一个单词:yw: yank word(没错,vi 和 Emacs 中 yank 的含义是相反的)

如果要进行一些复杂的编辑命令,Emacs 更系统的命名可能确实有好处。但对于基本的编辑命令而言,都是按照语义提示加死记硬背,并没有发现一个比另一个难记……

@niconiconi 确实这种东西多用几次自然就记住了,至于在emacs上复杂的命令我一般会用补全框架辅助一下,因为实在太多了,我记不住。

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