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> he discovered that the intruders had gotten pissed off because one of the machines was rebooting on them so often, so they installed about 30 patches (including security patches, plus SSH), a sendmail upgrade (including fixing all their broken aliases, and cleaning the dead accounts from the passwd file), backed-up, re-partitioned the disks, and reloaded all the data (resulting in about a 15% performance increase).

🤣 so I was so amused I searched this and found the 1998 usenet post on alt sysadmin recovery that it apparently comes from. My favorite bit comes from right after this quote, "They're probably still sad that they actually found the intruders,
because they haven't had an OS upgrade since[4]."

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@niconiconi Ohhh, I've not seen that happen before. My apologies, will do that in future.

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