How many hours do you need to learn the basics of rogue, hack and NetHack?

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@pooltoymae I found nethack's complexity is intimidating. Now my plan is to start from rogue, the original game, and working my way up. The original BSD had a manual called "A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom", which can still be found in the FreeBSD documentation: Rogue should be 1 or 2 orders of magnitude simpler than nethack, I hope.

@niconiconi @pooltoymae It can be fun, but as a younger person I always ended up at a point saying "well, this is tough and SSDC is more accessible so let's go back to that"

@niconiconi Original Roque is pretty simple to learn how to get around in. A little harder to understand the mechanics of, and for me, impossible to figure out how to be any good at.

Hack adds only slightly more. Nethack adds a lot and makes it a more fleshed out universe but the basics from Rogue still apply.


I got into NetHack mostly by watching YouTube let's plays - around 10 hours into the <a href="">playlist</a> and 20+ odd games, I feel relatively comfortable navigating the early game now (clearing sokoban + minetown).

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