I was doing some continuity checks on a nonfunctional PCB I just assembled, and getting mysterious results: sometimes the meter would beep, sometimes not. Discovered bad joints and resoldered them, but the meter was still beeping intermittently, 6 times out of 10, it would report continuity. What the Flux?

Until the screen of the multimeter finally started glitching...

Dead battery!

Pretty weird that most meters, even quality ones, report false results even BEFORE the low battery indicator is on.

Purchased some new batteries from the store for the meter and carry on. Heated a few more joints on the LCD signal lines, replaced my broken SD card carder... Finally, the Raspberry Pi Zero game console (*) booted up! Beauty!

...Well, it seems stuck at a systemd service :doge: but it's a minor issue and trivial to solve.

(*) Designed by Eugene Andruszczenko, everything is available under, CC-BY-SA 4.0. I just downloaded the design and purchased the boards and parts locally.


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Almost finished building my fake GameBoy console, powered by Debian.

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