Never expected to find anime catgirls fan-fiction in the archive from the late 90s. But apparently it was a thing.

@niconiconi Pretty much every big, non-franchise-specific fandom was already a thing online in the *early* 90s, and it wasn't that different from what we have now, except for the context and limitations of the respective times

@xerz Yeah, I knew the fandom was huge with hundreds of newsgroups and extremely influential on Usenet ever since the 80s (and the Sci-Fi fandom started even earlier). But finding cyberpunk fanfictions with anime catgirls still refreshed my understanding of how diverse the fandom was.

@niconiconi @xerz likewise, my perspective of the world had never been the same since the moment i saw FOSS mascots on r/furry.

@xerz @niconiconi ah, yes. coincidentally, I probably got to know it via a comment in r/furry.

@fakefred @niconiconi seems like you browse r/furry a bit too much then :blobcatthinkOwO:

@xerz @niconiconi that was in one single same day when i got fucking bored

@niconiconi You young whippersnappers always thinking you invented everything...

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