How to cool your RPI4...

"throw money at the problem!" 🤣 🤣

@niconiconi I do this but with thermal paste and staples instead. I call it the "when you only have enough money for two heat sink fins".

@dash @niconiconi

... Brilliant. :blobcatthinkOwO:

Tho I'd be a bit worried about the plastic coating most staples have on them.

@katnjia @niconiconi Temperatures run up to 60-70 degrees Celsius if I recall correctly. Hasn't become a problem yet... But that's probably because I can't sustain a load to reach those temperatures. :)

@halcy @niconiconi Duly noted. Thank you for calling tech support. :terminal_blinker: >:3

@karina @niconiconi Most likely, yeah. xD Haven't had any coins (or bills for that matter) on me for like two years though. Sweden is very much becoming a cashless society. :P

@dash @niconiconi High five! I thought I was the first one to use staplers for RPi cooling 😁

@dash @niconiconi then put it into a staple gun an you can shoot hot staples!

@niconiconi Since you can get the money back out, this counts as an investment strategy.

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