@niconiconi @ln for some reason, this looks like an XKCD drawing.

is it?

@adasauce @ln No. It's a real document from NASA. web.archive.org/web/2009032011

But we know Randall Munroe used to write software for NASA, so perhaps that's why? 🤣

@niconiconi Only the very bottom end of shortwave, and only during the day, it looks like. Looks like you'd mostly have to use medium wave or long wave.

@freakazoid Yes, it says the shortwave is pretty useless during the night, even in daytime, global communication is difficult.

@niconiconi @freakazoid It’s good to see that there will be a resurgence of the DX hobby on Mars.

@niconiconi Ready to take an HF rig up there and try it out?

@bamfic Better to apply for a vanity Mars callsign first.

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