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I love how people from different fields invented their own word for "the process of starting a system with external intervention because it cannot support itself at this point".

In ordinary language it's called kickstart, in cars and vehicles it's called jumpstart, in computing it's called bootstrap.

And just learned a new one: blackstart - power plants themselves need power to run. But after a total blackout, there's no power to start, which requires some interventions.

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@niconiconi powerplants requires power to star... Wkwkwk like a hammer that is put together with a nail, meaning you need a hammer to make a hammer

@megriffin Not too different from things in computing, e.g. Linux kernel needs to load the driver of the root filesystem to start userspace, but this driver is often saved on the root filesystem in question...

@leo_song @niconiconi

@leo_song 另一个有趣的案例是 2003 年美加大停电,罪魁祸首是通用电力集团开发的电网管理系统有 bug。停电当天,尽管电网已经出现了一系列异常状况,但程序有竟态条件导致一堆警报事件积压在消息队列里发不出去,很快队列就溢出导致系统崩溃。随后备用服务器自动接管全部程序,过了不久也崩溃了,导致电网运行人员迟迟没有收到系统的任何警报,没有及时阻止电力系统的负载重分配,导致故障范围越来越大。其中还有人打电话来问为什么 345 kV 输电线路离线了,工作人员还不相信。又过了不久控制室自己停电了,工作人员才发现状况不对……

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