In hindsight, just amazing to see, in 2010 (just 3 yrs ahead of '13!), Google and S. Valley was still perceived as innovative, pro-human rights & net freedom. I fully understand it was a natural conclusion based on the info available, and was what I once held.

But just think about it, it's still surprising to realize the speed things are changing... We were using Gnome 2.2, Firefox 3.5, systemd didn't exist. And geohot's iPhone bootrom exploit wasn't a thing.

2010 was like , but with ...

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@niconiconi Whenever a country, a company or an organization gets too big thing starts to go bad…
By the way what is Miku about😂

@ewings You'll know what Miku is doing here If you understand what was about. Read the Chinese Wikipedia article (partially edited by me) as a starter,蒸气波

Edit: *web search...* Whoops! DOES exist! Just wow!

@niconiconi 2010 was like vaporwave in that at the time it was still cool to have hope for the future and things weren't proudly exploitative just yet.

Unless you were Microsoft.

Or Oracle. Or EA. Or <list continues>

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