Experimental NTRU-based key exchange has been added to OpenSSH. Together with XMSS signature, OpenSSH just becomes the first major protocol with a real-world, complete suite of post-quantum cryptography.

@succfemboi When it does, it would be too late. Remember that there are enough reasons to believe that the NSA and other major agencies around the world have a storage capacity of several hundreds of exabytes. Comm traffic like Signal, Tor, OpenPGP or SSH/TLS handshakes today is already being recorded and kept indefinitely, all they need is a quantum computer.

@niconiconi @succfemboi my last 2cts because I felt my link only reply was too little. Here's a paper about how why simply have too noisy qbit computers to be effective.

@ng0 @succfemboi As far as I can understand, designs like these are analog that can potentially be pretty useful in some types of simulation/optimization problems, but they're not capable of running digital computations, and definitely not Shor's algorithm, so hyping of an immediate cryptographic breakdown is not warranted. But thanks for sharing this paper, it seems to be a quite comprehensive summary of the state-of-art and future directions for someone like me who don't understand the math and physics.

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