ProTip: DO NOT run OpenSSH on port 2222 just for hoping to stop bots from discovering and cracking your server. Any unprivileged process can listen on port > 1024. And the middleboxes on the network may deprioritize your traffic. Use just a strong password and the bots are safe to ignore. Or use public key, and disable password altogether.


ProTip: 不要为了防范破解机器人而在 2222 端口上运行 OpenSSH 服务器。任何没有特殊权限的进程都能监听 > 1024 端口,并尝试攻击你的 SSH 客户端。互联网上的中间设备还可能将你的流量降权,让 SSH 响应十分缓慢。


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