自从各个 Linux 桌面系统改用 libinput 处理鼠标后,就不断有触摸板、轨迹球等用户抱怨光标移动困难。于是,今天有开发者终于下定决心调查 X Window 原本使用的经典鼠标指针究竟用的是什么算法。

结果是,他发现有 30 多年历史的 X Window 里有历代 Unix 黑客在各种机器和鼠标上开发的线性、多项式、指数、平滑、经典等高达 7 种光标移动速度曲线,15 个可配置参数,大量复杂的逻辑判断、计算和公式,原则上可以完美让从 1980 年到现在的任何一种鼠标指针移动丝滑流畅。


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Since Linux desktops switched to new libinput, many trackball/touchpads users complained pointer is difficult to move. Finally a developer decided to have a look at legacy X Window code.

The discovery? made by hackers in the past 30 years, including 7 (!) curve profiles, 15 (!) configurable parameters, and confusing formulas, designed to smooth of pointer movement for everything since 80s, perfectly usable if user know how to configure.

But now even developers cannot

@niconiconi so relatable. My XPS13 touchpad works flawlessly under Ubuntu 16.04/KDE Neon but feels like it's trying to destroy my sanity as soon as I boot more recent stuff..

@Antanicus You may also want to read Part3 and Part4. Hopefully libinput developers have learned something thanks to Peter's research and would come up with a better solution soon.

@niconiconi 真的KDE那个难用的...(不过我觉得是硬件的锅比较多)

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