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WARNING, pinned: toots mostly consist of non-CWed Internet memes, anime memes, personal debates, politics, sometimes discussion of controversial ideologies (but it's probably in Chinese w/ CW), even worse, mostly written in Chinese which you cannot understand. Only occasionally posting FLOSS and security-related news and opinions. Wants to follow? Proceed with care. All the views and opinions expressed here is my personal, not necessarily (and mostly, not) related to any organization I am affiliated to.

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I've... exploited 0days you programmers wouldn't believe.
[*contemptuous laugh*]
ROP shellcode on non-executable memory ran as the machine of Turing.
I watched Offset2lib pwns ASLR near the stack of kernel space.

All those bugs won't be fixed in time, like
[*cough*] dereference... to... NULL,
segfault (core dumped)

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lol github has been down for almost 3 hours now

自从微博上的鲁迅语录 bot 因压力停止更新后,有才的网友们又开设了许多 bot 账号,微博政治圈一幅后现代的繁荣景象。毕竟死人说话大概是没问题的,不过还是拭目以待。

Visual Studio Uninstallation sometimes can be unreliable and often leave out a lot of unwanted artifacts. Visual Studio Uninstaller is designed to thoroughly and reliably remove these unwanted artifacts.


Z80 CPU 为了和 Intel 8080 兼容,导致的奇葩寄存器设计——看着不少,要用的时候拿不出来——大概也是独特的历史了…… ​​​​

8080 上的每一个寄存器都有对应的 Z80 的寄存器——而且是两组。但是两组不能同时工作,只能轮流工作。有点类似交换区。当你需要使用第二组中的某个寄存器时,必须先把第一组的对应一个寄存器 swap out,用完了之后再 swap in.

这产生的直接后果就是用 C 语言编写程序,只能生成效率很差的机器代码。 PDP-11 的配置可比 Z80 豪华多了。

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20 years ago: "And in the future the internet will replace the need to have a telephone entirely!" 🖥️ :blobuwu:

Now: "You must have a phone number to access this website/service" ☎️

收拾房间,为了扫地需要拆除电源线数据线共 20 多条……电子时代的线材灾难。在特斯拉转世还没有出现之前,看起来要根本解决问题,首先需要设计 5V/12V DC 供电总线,摆脱所有的直流电源适配器;接下来再把 DVI, USB 3.0, 千兆以太网等外设接口集成到电脑桌里,最后让交流电线走线槽…… ​​​​

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netns jailbreak trick, part 4 Show more

netns jailbreak trick, part 3 Show more

netns jailbreak trick, part 2 Show more

Today, I accidentally restarted my server SSH daemon while being __inside__ a network namespace. I didn't realize it until I logged out, and noticed the SSH was gone on LAN, ouch🙀!

It usually means I would need to physically reach the server with a monitor and keyboard, what a trouble!

(but, see next...)

哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 ​


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剛剛從 Twitter 上看到的推薦,這個項目也真是炸了,github 上的 NSFW,千萬不要點開看! :blobjudge:

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