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WARNING, pinned: toots mostly consist of non-CWed Internet memes, anime memes, personal debates, politics, sometimes discussion of controversial ideologies (but it's probably in Chinese w/ CW), even worse, mostly written in Chinese which you cannot understand. Only occasionally posting FLOSS and security-related news and opinions. Wants to follow? Proceed with care. All the views and opinions expressed here is my personal, not necessarily (and mostly, not) related to any organization I am affiliated to.

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I've... exploited 0days you programmers wouldn't believe.
[*contemptuous laugh*]
ROP shellcode on non-executable memory ran as the machine of Turing.
I watched Offset2lib pwns ASLR near the stack of kernel space.

All those bugs won't be fixed in time, like
[*cough*] dereference... to... NULL,
segfault (core dumped)

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whynotOIB[1] 算是能用了。目前只检测微信浏览器并弹出一个七秒钟的提示(当然也可以手动关闭)。
而且写着详细内容的 GitHub Pages 被微信浏览器封掉啦(可以换用这里[2] 的其他链接,或者自己准备页面)。


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Hi guys, I'm #NewHere!
I'm a C++ developer interested in free and open source software and in game development. Looking for interesting people to follow... 😅

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Before his bedtime and while sitting on my lap, Vader's learning about the president the US needs and deserves, Josiah Bartlet.

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CVE-2019-6454: systemd (PID1) crash with specially crafted D-Bus message

(submitted by dijit)

原来「故意放出某个关于还不存在的事物的传言或消息(如产品、政策等),来试探、掌握口风、商机、舆论的情况」在英文里是有名字的——美国英语里叫「放探空气球」(to send up a trial balloon),英国英语里叫「放风筝」(kite-flying)。这两个词在 1930 年前后就已经存在了,而将这种试探性的消息比喻为「风筝」早在 1885 年就可见于英国政坛。看来中、英文的说法都和「风」有关系。

此外还有一句幽默的同义谚语「先挂旗杆上,再看看有没有敬礼」(Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it),最初形容的是麦迪逊大道上各广告公司的惯用做法,电影《十二怒汉》中有引用。

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Bug in urllib2 Python 2.x and urllib in Python 3.x may lead to CRLF injection

(submitted by robin0)

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Confirmed, just punching the keyboard can speed up the boot by 500% as it helps to initialize the CSPRNG...

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@lain first one was made using a $10000 analogue device to superimpose any text over an NTSC signal
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.   ∧_∧
   ( ・ω・)
   | ⊃ ⊃ weekend!
  _ _  /(___
/  (____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄""
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Fluke provided a lot of the equipment in the background.


Broken CRTC timing is fixed. Patches have been sent to LKML. Time to convert the driver to KMS/DRM in the following weeks...

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