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WARNING, pinned: toots mostly consist of non-CWed Internet memes, anime memes, personal debates, politics, sometimes discussion of controversial ideologies (but it's probably in Chinese w/ CW), even worse, mostly written in Chinese which you cannot understand. Only occasionally posting FLOSS and security-related news and opinions. Wants to follow? Proceed with care. All the views and opinions expressed here is my personal, not necessarily (and mostly, not) related to any organization I am affiliated to.

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I partially know the answer now, because I just made a contribution to its book collection...

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连胡锡进都变得陌生起来 ​​​​

RT @阿反飞来飞去

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The only people forced to watch anti-piracy messages at the beginning of movies are those that didn’t pirate it.

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When the next generation reads 1984, they aren't going to see anything wrong with the telescreens watching them

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This dollar-store find is now the official clothes-drying rack of the elite hacker.

Anime2Sketch (see thread) is absolutely phenomenal! Just vectorized , only took 1 second and it's perfect! Now an entire episode of can be put on a circuit board...

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Anime2Sketch is a game changer, you can now watch on your X-Y plotter or vector graphics terminal.

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what the hell kind of memory comes in a bucket

does that mean it's a bucket brigade device

Another stupid mistake: selected an ancient 4016 analog switch as a bus multiplexer - the HCMOS version has 150 MHz bandwidth and available in SMD packages, old but not a problem right? Then started wondering why does my clock signal look like a sine wave... 74HC4016's on resistance is 100 Ω+, larger R in R x C = rise time degradation, Electricity 101 :doge:

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In , you can select discontinuous segments of text by pressing Control, just like a file manager,

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#TIL that #searx can run queries against database servers, too!

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Remember, turn off ALL your electronic devices before 2038-01-19 03:14:07 UTC, unless it has a "2K38 Safe" certification.

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