@PinkCathodeCat Hey, just wanted to say that if you wanted a possibly easier way to know when I update wyvern, I'm going to try to send an email to this mailing list for every major version bump. Thanks for maintaining the AUR package!


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Welp, just finished adding delta-based updating to wyvern so it only downloads the files that have changed/been added for any new release. Still some optimizations before it's totally done, but selectively downloading zip files over HTTP is not for the feckless, believe me.

Hey those of you using and specifically the zip-rs crate, do you know of any alternatives that are faster? The zip-rs crate seems to have at least a 3x slowdown compared to the zip CLI tool, even when I'm using all cores.

@PinkCathodeCat Wow, thanks for doing this! I'll put a link in the readme. Glad that you're liking it.

Hey I made that command-line GOG client so you can download, update and install games without having to bother with browser stuff. Also claim Connect games automatically. Made in rust, and the API library I made for it is now available for anyone else who wants to code their own rust-based GOG thing. Go check it out and break it!


Got a raspberry pi zero w just laying around but can't decide what to do with it. Any suggestions for cool/useful projects?

I heartily recommend this book. Was gifted it for Christmas and have really been enjoying it as someone who generally dislikes in-depth math. Plus the culture essays are really interesting, especially if you don’t know much about academic math.

@LogicalDash The issue is that GOG Galaxy doesn't expose even those APIs AFAIK, so I can't even access the windows/mac paths. It'll just have to be a prompt, I think. Shouldn't be *that* bad though. Thanks for the suggestion!

@LogicalDash Hmm. I'd be happy to implement that, but I'm not sure if it's possible to consistently get the locations of save files programmatically. Do you think that letting the user specify where save files are stored on a per-game basis would be acceptable?

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Those of you using games on linux, what would you like to see in a CLI tool meant to help you download and manage GOG games? I've already got basic game downloading & auto-installing, plus GOG Connect integrations. Anything else that you would want?

also i realize that this my first toot in over two months but it's my way of saying that damnit, i made some cool-ass shit while i was gone, and this is going to be 'nico posting a combination of weirdly specific technical complaints and links to stuff i wrote while i was gone starter week'. name is a WIP.

Hey I made a library for talking to the game client daemon, butler. Go make cool stuff with it and also find all the ways it can fail. There's probably a lot.


Pro tip for any other students out there: The github student pack is pretty great, including free private repos as long as you've got a school email account: education.github.com/
Go check it out!

I spent around two hours yesterday wrestling with Rust lifetimes and borrowing, and I can now confidently state that I understand around 12% of how they work. But on the plus side, I then immediately discovered DeserializeOwned and I no longer needed to bother with lifetimes, so. Net positive?

Hackers is amazing because it’s simultaneously an absolutely abysmal movie and a fantastic movie; I love it for the subculture aspect despite its many flaws. Sure, the villain rides a skateboard and demands to be called ‘The Plague’, but I think it actually has legitimate merit beyond just ironic viewing. It’s still fun to laugh at it, but I honestly enjoy watching it now and then. Recommend it.

@ALD_Productions I’m using disroot.org for mine, and it seems pretty good so far.

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