Hey I made that command-line GOG client so you can download, update and install games without having to bother with browser stuff. Also claim Connect games automatically. Made in rust, and the API library I made for it is now available for anyone else who wants to code their own rust-based GOG thing. Go check it out and break it!

@PinkCathodeCat Wow, thanks for doing this! I'll put a link in the readme. Glad that you're liking it.

@nicohman it was my first PKGBUILD - the others I'm maintaining were already extant packages I just adopted. I couldn't find where to sign up for email notifications of new versions so I'll try to monitor the rss feed as best I can.

@PinkCathodeCat Hey, just wanted to say that if you wanted a possibly easier way to know when I update wyvern, I'm going to try to send an email to this mailing list for every major version bump. Thanks for maintaining the AUR package!

@nicohman sweet - I'll bump the version on the aur package and check it all works on that end.
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