Those of you using games on linux, what would you like to see in a CLI tool meant to help you download and manage GOG games? I've already got basic game downloading & auto-installing, plus GOG Connect integrations. Anything else that you would want?

@LogicalDash Hmm. I'd be happy to implement that, but I'm not sure if it's possible to consistently get the locations of save files programmatically. Do you think that letting the user specify where save files are stored on a per-game basis would be acceptable?

@nicohman the mac and windows versions of gog galaxy have that info on their respective platforms; obviously it won't be the same on linux but you could maybe use those paths to build a query for the locate command and then prompt the user to pick a file, or enter their own

@LogicalDash The issue is that GOG Galaxy doesn't expose even those APIs AFAIK, so I can't even access the windows/mac paths. It'll just have to be a prompt, I think. Shouldn't be *that* bad though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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