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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

@nicodotgay excuse me but I have to process the fact that there are 10000 nfts of shitty lions

@Dee they are literally generated. as if they were picrews. so, not surprising, but sad nonetheless @nicodotgay

@Dee @nicodotgay @drwho virtually all the nft collections are done this way. There are a few dozens to a couple hundred « traits » which are then combined on a template to create the individual nfts.

@qorg scraped them from opensea's api, deleted all the ones that didn't match the color palette of the base photo close enough with imagemagick, and used a python/opencv program called polyfoto that i found on github to assemble the mosaic from the remaining lions

@nicodotgay there we are. this is actual art, instead of procedurally-generated crap

@mmu_man @nicodotgay nobody, but you can buy a link that points to it for a mere $20k

@nicodotgay very weird way to get introduced to lazy lions, this whole thing knocked me right out of balance i tell you hwat

@nicodotgay Those NFT-lions? This picture must be worth thousands of dollars 😂
@nicodotgay well done, prepare for the takedown emails (they can't do anything)

@nicodotgay wow! this is really cool! out of curiosity: may i ask about how you went about making it?

@nicodotgay beautiful, and I think we all can agree that this is mine and we can start the bidding at 200€ 😂

@nicodotgay Thank you, now I have to think about the energy went to buying all those lazy lions :blobcatthumbsup: :blobcat_glitch:

@nicodotgay I don’t know you, but you are a legend for this grand theft token!

@nicodotgay you're reddit famous on r/196 btw, someone screenshotted this lol

@nicodotgay how do you do such kind of compositing? Is there a software you would advise on linux?

@nicodotgay how dare you steal that pricey art? the artist has to feed his children you know

whoop, whoop! it's da sound of da police
@nicodotgay i would like to think the person in this image is right clicking an nft to save it as a png

@nicodotgay this is the neo-pointillism we deserve, but also the neo-pointillism we need.

@nicodotgay now that's art. That's an image with inherent worth.

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