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kalama musi ni li pona. o pakala la selo ma a! o pana e utala ala a! o musi a! o namako e jan ale a!

o kute e ni:

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kalama musi la: namako mun pi utala ala li lon

@iitalics his is a good start. high waisted, roomy trousers. belt. reliable shoes, long socks. straightforward and decent for farm work

nimi "toki Inli" li lon seme? mi pona nimi ni. ni li "toki ike"

sitelen lili pi soweli jan ona li ike li nasa

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ijo waso lili pi toki lili li ike suli

@haskal abacus
bigger abacus
longer abacus

semi-self promo, nonsense announcement 

@annieversary that's Neat

you should run an Alexis King-style comparative benchmark cuz i'll betcha it'll actually do pretty ok

@haskal @quat for practical reasons i probably need to pick up a "real" android phone that isn't ancient and half beaten to death, and i'm gonna be real

i hate that fact. i hate it so bad. can't run sway on an android phone, or at least i SHOULDN'T

nobody makes plain flat displays with headphone jacks and user-servicable batteries anymore, feels like. can't just ssh into them/pop into a terminal and do something reasonable (termux almost works but it's on thin ice). it's absurd

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