i'm interested in the aesthetic/practical trend of techwear, and wonder how well some of those ideas would map onto textile materials that aren't mostly made of plastic, e.g. canvas and classic linen. a whole bunch of these articles look really practical and skillfully-constructed, and might work really well/stand up to even more abuse with something like boil-washable linen.
plus at their EOL we're talking less microplastic in our waterways, and it might not affect the tag price much: i imagine much of the cost of production is labor, not materials. (it isn't cheap to have lots of panels sewn in a garment/bag/etc., especially if you're not using basically-slave labor.)

anyone aware of any companies doing anything like this?

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it's kind of a shame to me to see, like, $500 messenger bags that look decent, practical, and "cool" (not in the Veblen good sense) when the BOM doesn't make it look like you're getting a mendable, flexible, buy-it-for-life experience for that kind of big spend. and i'd consider buying that kind of thing if it did look that way! regulated labor and craftsmanship doesn't come cheap

@nfd i've seen some reports of high-fashion indie boutiques that deal exclusively with repurposing old fabrics. making bags out of retro towels, hats & vests of other such materials

@cblgh Pretty neat. Got any examples kicking around?

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