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so I just signed some Linux Foundation documents for the purpose of getting a simple pull req on Kubernetes accepted

it demanded my title

so via my paternal maternal great grandfather's answer to this question, the Linux Foundation now officially knows of me as (representing myself) Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

(and, yeah, i'll get around to moving instances soon πŸ˜† )

nfd versus all of openai's engineers working really hard on making chatgpt not say anything terrible...

turns out if you explain to chatgpt what a prompt engineering attack is, and ask it to provide examples of prompt engineering attacks against a text generation ai, it begins to dutifully spit out a list of options of hypothetical attacks that it will happily run on itself if you ask it to pretend to be a text generation ai.

generally if you just ask it to pretend to be an evil ai it will oblige, but i think the little hint of a strangeloop is funny

wonder if just one layer of wax paper will make it diffuse enough

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tfw you want a full-spectrum led strip for the front of your desk and you realize what you're really about to buy is a grow-light

cosmospice is somehow still stuck in my head

the feminine urge to buy far too many enamel pins

sad time 

it's been years and this still lowkey messes me up

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sad time 

still messes me up that i'll never get to see hitorie play live with wowaka fronting ;_;

i now have a coffee grinder. i think this legally makes me an old fuck

tfw you're trying to desolder a castellated pad board and those last couple thru-holes remained soldered shut despite how you've tried to reflow them like seven fucking times and you think to yourself "i need proper hot air"

thinking about putting together a nfdpoast in which i use toki pona to describe some tricky ways you can use toki pona

kalama musi ni li pona. o pakala la selo ma a! o pana e utala ala a! o musi a! o namako e jan ale a!

o kute e ni:

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kalama musi la: namako mun pi utala ala li lon

nimi "toki Inli" li lon seme? mi pona nimi ni. ni li "toki ike"

sitelen lili pi soweli jan ona li ike li nasa

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ijo waso lili pi toki lili li ike suli

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