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so I just signed some Linux Foundation documents for the purpose of getting a simple pull req on Kubernetes accepted

it demanded my title

so via my paternal maternal great grandfather's answer to this question, the Linux Foundation now officially knows of me as (representing myself) Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

warms my heart to hear the deviant man say "we protect us"

warms my heart to see him speaking out about trans issues on birdsite

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loved this talk from deviant ollam:

he's done lots of talks about physical security/pentesting for security conferences and ems/fire. but this is the kind of dude who also realizes that other people also need to know the same things about physical security! this talk is presented to cover the sorts of physical security that can be important to sex workers, but anyone can listen to this and learn from it. no bullshit gatekeeping

love to occasionally play a videogame

why's it always gotta be neo-nazis 

shoutouts to twitter neo-nazis for showing me that german fashy comic book publishers exist

like wow you seem to have named yourself after HYDRA in the MARVEL canon, the not-even-thinly veiled fascist groups, and gee howdy look at that you talk about right-wing FREE SPEECH and you did stick a Stonetoss comic into at least that one blog post...

cop murder, birdsite link 

Garrison Davis (@hungrybowtie): An armed man, not in any uniform, "confronted" two people he assumed were breaking into a car, and then shot and killed the two men as they "fled after not obeying his commands." It's just murder.

tfw you look up "wesley crusher" on conservapedia


conservatives be like "high inequality is actually a good thing and it's good for the economy and the working class"

cops! general 

it amazes me that there's a concept of Brady cops, and that they're not just fired for not doing their fuckin jobs

police departments keep track of their officers with credibility issues (re. a 1963 case); this misconduct can count as exculpatory evidence that the department may need to forward to legal defense. so they don't tend to send these folks to court.

some forces will keep these officers employed anyway. some local jurisdictions prevent officers from being punished for being placed on the list (though not the offense that got them there), such as CA: (sec. a).

bonus: these lists are often not available to the public!

u pa pa u pa pa u pa u pa u pa pa

took a hike and chilled out by a creek whilst catching up with idsg

nazi shit 

love to go look at some weird neopagan leader talking about clearing up what he thinks about race, getting exactly what i expected (a bunch of racist nonsense), and he seals the deal with a sonnenrad in-frame

note that unlike lots of those weird symbols that neo-nazis use that they took from random potentially-not-especially-racist (neo)pagan sects. nah it's a nazi thing from a nazi who did some of the nazi mysticism shit

i feel like someone looking at my browser history in isolation would be moderately confused, because it's a rich mix of nazi shit and anti-nazi shit that really could only indicate that i'm pretty darn nazi or pretty darn anti-nazi and it may not be the clearest which

dear nsa agent reading this: it's the latter

the new april fools muse dash charts are all just fucking excellent


forgot to eat again today lol

you don't do good works by thinking you're a hero

you don't get away with good works by talking about them

lukewarm programming take 

this is all, of course, presuming a context of "how should you help mentor someone interested in computing," not "how should you design a course compatible with e.g. typical Western (junior-)highschooling." i question how great those systems necessarily are at helping someone to really hone a craft; picking something that's easy to teach and accessible to a wide audience is probably best for a situation like that

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lukewarm programming take 

C is *a* good introductory programming language, especially when taught in parallel with assembly. knowing those disciplines can be really excellent for your personal development as a designer and as an engineer.

there is no specific, general "correct" time to learn C. C is a great first language even for *some* children: adopting a low-level understanding of computers early on can leave a lasting understanding of where you should and shouldn't pay attention to fine detail, and how to build small systems with great care.

the caveat here is that not all programming has to be systems/low-level, and that we shouldn't run around pretending that programming is one discipline. you don't construct a high-rise the same way you construct a family home, or at least you SHOULDN'T.

there is no one *correct* way to teach programming: it's a problem sensitive to the person, their needs, and their goals. people should feel encouraged to try a bunch of stuff and see what interests them the most

nfd relayed

neo-nazis, shitpost 

maybe i'm just grumpier because i haven't had any proper bread in like 5 days lol

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never says "Jews" or any slurs and the guy's soft-spoken and calmly authoritative about it, as he pitches junk science and junk-race-science on top of that junk science.

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