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so I just signed some Linux Foundation documents for the purpose of getting a simple pull req on Kubernetes accepted

it demanded my title

so via my paternal maternal great grandfather's answer to this question, the Linux Foundation now officially knows of me as (representing myself) Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

stallman is still the head of the gnu project

some people who we still need to get on fedi:
jon bois
deviant ollam and tarah
donoteat (again...)

yep weird nazi guys 

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say what you will about eugen, he sure seems to know how to string weird neo-nazi reply guys on pretty darn well

i hear that the most common expression for nonbinary gender in Japan is "x-gender" and i like that because it sounds xtreme

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in my experience, people who say they "like everything except rap and country" are usually lying and will not make the mistake of letting me pick the music for a second time

can anybody suggest some decent-strength rfid read/write/dump USB hardware, just for kicksies?

internet bad tbh

why'd the internet make "nerd" mean "asshole"

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very relatable quote from alexandra elbakyan on her plans for dealing with being sued by elsevier for creating scihub

source & transcript:

stolen from someone who didn't add source or image description lol 🏴‍☠️

tbh, hot take. there are too many nazis on the internet

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toradora barely-spoilers 

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in jewish culture it is customary to wash your hands and bathe regularly. however christians only bathe once when they are babies or when they convert

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@sakasato good morning, afternoon, and/or evening neighbor!

i already got a big baggie of foamies in my room somewhere, and basic attenuating guys for concerts.

man, remember concerts? those were the days tbh

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thinking about buying earpro. please hit me with your earpro recs

gender is imaginary. imaginary like money, not imaginary like my friends

i guess there's this kinda divergence in the keyboard enthusiast community, right, where some people obsess about trying all the cool new varieties of switches, and the people who buy somewhat fewer boards and end up going down the ultraminimalism rabbit hole who tend to find the firmware on their keyboards just not quite up to snuff and write little homebrew patches

i am in currently in camp #2 and if you want my mouse acceleration patch for the keyboardio atreus, hmu

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tbh i may be falling down a rabbit hole, all looking at sub-40% columnar boards now. still gotta order myself a gergoplex what with the steno-light springs.

probably is the way to go for rhythm games, actually, ngl

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