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so I just signed some Linux Foundation documents for the purpose of getting a simple pull req on Kubernetes accepted

it demanded my title

so via my paternal maternal great grandfather's answer to this question, the Linux Foundation now officially knows of me as (representing myself) Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

can hardly wait for the weekend, where i'll do essentially the same things i did during the week;

lyrical school and ror2 until this query finishes ama

gotta get that new engi mastery

alc mention 

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tfw wfh and you mostly just have to babysit very long-running things all day until you can write analyses

it's like it's eating my fuckin' life


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COVID19, humour I guess? 

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How to become a specialist in tech jobs:

you have to do something with a tool you don’t know
You hate it instantly
Turns out this tool is driving you mad
You spend 2 weeks fixing this particular tool and learning trough pain
You finally made it work
Congrats, now you are a specialist on something you hate.

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(in japanese)

harbourmaster: Hey! It smells good in here, what are you cooking?

me: Cooking? Oh, nothing. We're not cooking anything, I didn't have any coolant so I used sesame oil to make a hole through strainless steel.

harbourmaster: wow.

hot take: computer modern is actually a good font

juke juice improves your acceleration to improve your mad juking skills

yep... it's about racism again 

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Open and Shut

Type in Morse code by repeatedly slamming your laptop shut

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weird fucker on the internet hours

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