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so I just signed some Linux Foundation documents for the purpose of getting a simple pull req on Kubernetes accepted

it demanded my title

so via my paternal maternal great grandfather's answer to this question, the Linux Foundation now officially knows of me as (representing myself) Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

*inspirational ukulele music plays* but what if we did things... differently?

have i told y'all of the time i visited a facebook campus and there was a ball pit

really threw me off.

ball pit in the office

just here to drink some water and get mad

drug and sex references, frivolous 

nfd relayed

another day volunteering at the multithreading museum. please keep fuck if they can asking me the flag. fuck they wont let me even buddy it

queering the doomer/bloomer binary

tooting the eicar standard antivirus test file, as a bit

The state of atrocity education worldwide is pretty terrible, and I welcome you to consider why

Shoutouts to trees and tree products such as wood or paper

Listened to IGOR again today; this might've been a mistake for reasons I probably can't elucidate

good music tho

Shoutouts to Jersey-school code, for it is what our societies run on

shoutouts to bad code that safely tells a cautionary tale

shoutouts to buggy code that's still worth the price and whoms't you still enjoy using

shoutouts to inefficient code—sometimes you're only gonna use it like once or twice and the elegant O(n^2) algorithm really is the way to go

Me in April: I wonder when I'll be able to go the library again :("

Me now: "I wonder when the air outside will stop being poison again"

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