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so I just signed some Linux Foundation documents for the purpose of getting a simple pull req on Kubernetes accepted

it demanded my title

so via my paternal maternal great grandfather's answer to this question, the Linux Foundation now officially knows of me as (representing myself) Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


why do they call it mingw when you m in the cold gw m out hot eat the gw

started Outer Wilds blind

very wow, and this is something impressively special

the worst fascist dipshittery imaginable, mass shooting (years ago) 

some filmmakers are doing a kitschy horror film rewriting the massacre in christchurch. there's no interpretation of this that makes sense other than, like, "let's egg 8kun on more," plus the most profound and basic misunderstandings possible about why this happened

institutional abuse, FDA 

JREC's electroshock aversives, which were banned by the FDA, were just effectively unbanned by court ruling on FDA's jurisdiction

it's kind of a shame to me to see, like, $500 messenger bags that look decent, practical, and "cool" (not in the Veblen good sense) when the BOM doesn't make it look like you're getting a mendable, flexible, buy-it-for-life experience for that kind of big spend. and i'd consider buying that kind of thing if it did look that way! regulated labor and craftsmanship doesn't come cheap

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i'm interested in the aesthetic/practical trend of techwear, and wonder how well some of those ideas would map onto textile materials that aren't mostly made of plastic, e.g. canvas and classic linen. a whole bunch of these articles look really practical and skillfully-constructed, and might work really well/stand up to even more abuse with something like boil-washable linen.
plus at their EOL we're talking less microplastic in our waterways, and it might not affect the tag price much: i imagine much of the cost of production is labor, not materials. (it isn't cheap to have lots of panels sewn in a garment/bag/etc., especially if you're not using basically-slave labor.)

anyone aware of any companies doing anything like this?

maybe i should pick up caves of qud

@apt you can probably change the <18 in your profile to >= 18 now, yeh?

this isn't really anti-cyberpunk. more like another way to arrive at a similar ethos with less Gibson

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uncyberpunk aesthetic: any random hardware, any modifications or idiosyncrasies are function-first (esp. if wear-evident). flat, plain, tiling wms; flat, boring terminals. solid-color backgrounds. text is mostly ASCII, plus emoji, plus character sets for languages you can read. markdown, not .nfo. buttons, tactile inputs, simple feelies, and chording preferred over tapping rectangular screens wherever reasonable

websites make as much sense to the eye as they do to a screen reader. don't stick code places in which you/the user doesn't need it.

you look like anyone

the last thing is because this handwriting model can be told to expect blocks of text. so if i define `goat` into some scope, the model would start by solving `g`, then `o`, then `a`, then `t`. but if i knew what words i wanted to do this to in advance, i could thereafter tell the model to expect more `goat`s which would come in handy if i was trying to set up my petting zoo

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context: i think it would be fun to be able to just write an s-expression by hand and have it evaluate, and all those things would either aid handwriting accuracy or make it generally easier to work with in that sort of context

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for silly purposes: is anyone aware of a LISP for which it would be easy to:
- include calm (succinct, not too aggressive unless verbose is turned on) build errors
- strong introspection
- if handed partially-written code, knows what names should be in scope at the location of some cursor, e.g.
``(letrec (((foo) (bar)) (`` or
``(letrec (((foo) (``
should fail, but should also know that `foo` is supposed to be in-scope after the last open paren

i suspect the answer here is "write it yourself" but there's some cool lisp hackers out there

i feel like i must soon breathe life into a lisp

last night: not sure if that's a bird or someone using a tremendous power drill in that tree

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not sure if that's a bird or someone repeatedly sneezing astoundingly loudly

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