my interactive log filtering tool just got a big update! read about sift v1.1.0 on my patreon, and then go install it.

if the waves drag me out to sea; if i fight the riptide, will i just drown faster

maybe i am just constantly fucking up yeah? and GOD will strike me down where i stand?

hello relayed

i'm going to tell you something matter-of-factly.

approximately 85% of the matter in the universe is dark matter

gonna start calling the private methods in a class "the secret menu"

some dreams i had last night:
- mugged by tennis players
- failed exam because the questions were too blurry to read
- chased by angry mob. when they caught up to me they continued running straight past me into the distance, with their heads craned back so they could look me in the eye while they jeered at me

hit by my psychic sidekick's psy kick. sike! ick...

colorful claws crudely cut at the casing. currents of caustic cocoonase coalesce and coagulate as they corrode the callous cast encasing the creature.

clumsily, the convalescent cryptid crawls from its cage. cognizant and unconfined, it carefully collects itself.

covertly camouflaged, crouching among the conifers of this cold climate, the coy critter quickly consults the cosmos.

the constellations, a celestial calendar and compass. it calculates that its cousins are currently converging on the confluence of the colony, and careens conclusively into the chaos of the copse.

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the crystalline chrysalis cracks. concealed, a cawing choir cries out in cloying cacophony

a soul fracturing. cracks spread in the ice. with thawing they can be repaired. or is it more beautiful like this?

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