somehow i fell asleep at like 9 and just woke up 4 hours later. now im trapped in the unending torment of night :blobdead:

god my mood is really just all over the place these days

endocrine vampire. anyone done that one yet?

im just tired of splicing together wires and having everything fall apart every time i move or things change

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the difficulty im having in figuring out what electrical connectors to use in my diy projects feels like some twisted cosmic joke directed at my psyche

hello relayed

no longer identifying as anything. you chumps are going to have to get to know me if you want to comprehend me

ship of theseus my thoughts until i dont recognize myself anymore

feels like im falling but the ground doesnt get any closer

im assuming it was fireworks but i dont actually have proof. maybe it was arson. i bet a lot of people have reasons to want revenge on sconecutter

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i wasnt there when it happened but i bet it smelled great

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hey america is what it is but at least we have a yearly tradition of shooting off fireworks on a red flag warning day and burning down the sconecutter

i can post whatever i want here i dont have to keep up the image i have on twitter where 3 of my friends will see and 80 bots will silently judge me

gonna spend all my social capital on tron at the arcade and then have to walk home alone in shame. no i dont know what this is supposed to mean

who am i kidding having one follower has already gone to my head. im delirious with social capital

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