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"Is Cum Flask Neoliberal" - the greatest thread in the history of mastodon, locked by a admin after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

a 'straight' relationship?? but who's the enby and who's the other enby???

In This House we

use 10gb of swap bc otherwise the minecraft server doesn’t run

@neufv why does weird jeff, the largest capitalist, not simply acquire the others

gonna speak to the ceo of capitalism, enough is enough

After 3 years on Mastodon I have a different understanding of what "top posting" means

but look at least this new account immediately has 10 likes AND i get pride flags wow tinder is truly my ally and my friend

the amount of vpn trickery, region switching, new account making and location spoofing this took is honestly just sad

listen bud, don't talk about your "wife" or "husband" if you're straight. theyre gay words now

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