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amazed that my favourite video game, minecraft, was created by a trans woman, hatsune miku,

Hey, it's #pridemonth! If you're #queer or #trans and from the #EU, do something good and fill this survey from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. If you know older queers or trans ppl, feel free to forward the link. Thanks!

greetings to my fellow gays! whats your favourite PRIDE 2019™ product and/or brand? reply with your favourite goods and services below!

I am going to drink some coffee then lie in a hammock ‘til the thunder comes

@neufv thank you nuel this has been a high point for me

the actual recording of the quiz will be online soon. i have to dramatize it first. thanks,

and the winner of today's quiz is... @toilet
toilet your insight into online culture is stunning and an inspiration to us all. we should all be more like toilet

on second place, with 4 points we have @citrustwee. proud to have the dutchlands represented so high on this list

the third place, with 3 points goes to @garfiald. thank you graefield for your commitment to literary analysis

i would like to share with you the winner of today's very exciting and thrilling Brand or Person quiz...... let's start with 3rd place

Poo poo! I have juust come bak from a laang bijk trijp through amsterdam... i am monkey tijred

it's fucken 2015 and gamers are still not accepted into normal society....

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