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ive never used the phrase "no muss, no fuss" in real life and im beginning to think it's because i dont participate in nearly enough heists

okay i'm currently in a boob loop. please help. my family is dying help

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one of the descriptions reads “i made this sculpture to show that things are neither good nor bad, they just are, you make your own meaning” and the sculpture is literally just a metal stick what am i supposed to do now

@neufv omg nuel this is exactly what i imagine you would be doing on a friday night

i’m at a boring art party staring at a slow motion waterfall send help

im gonna cancel everyone who replies to this post. please reply to this post if you want me to send my deluded fanboys after you like a pack of rabid dogs

@garfiald when Garf is refuted by Baudrillard for publishing their controversial "hyperrealism of my dicke and balls" take

I have NO IDEA how this person(?) got my email address, but this is quite possibly the worst email i've ever received/worst thing i've ever heard of

furry curious now officially renamed “furious”

citrus twee be like "hmm, this caviar taste like bull shit, may i have the chocolate buttons please"

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