! periodical reminder that i have moved to @nuel ! you probably already knew this ! i'm reminding you anyway !

wounded and weakened on the field of battle, you beg me for mercy. you look at my gender knob and shudder to see it's still only at 50%. i begin turning it all the way to 100%, cackling maniacally as your life force is drained

@garfiald like you won’t be the first account i hit the follow button on very funny greflaps

@chr please chr........... isn't there anything i can do to change to @nuel@cybre.space............. or can i only make a new account

if she's your girl then why is she planting a virus in MY ellingson mineral computer system

@garfiald sometimes i wonder how it is possible for one person to be so brave

still not possible to change mastodon username right?

@neufv *replaces everyones nudes folders with just images of peter*

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