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use poly-inclusive language. instead of saying

“is your better half coming?”


“can we expect one of the many people who is objectively better than you?”

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reminder for m’enbies that you’re allowed to reclaim any trait you have, physical or emotional and say: shut up that’s not a Manly or a Womanly thing it’s just A Thing. because 100% of the time you’ll be correct

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friends. it’s here. i made a little winter solstice album. sati*saba – azhudí [self-identification]

im about to nut!!
:hacker_n: ever cum again
:hacker_u: ndo all the times ive cummd
:hacker_t: hanks for understanding

babies are 45 feet tall and have never been spotted in the wild

the truth about tall luke will lead to impeachment

ah yes, pink. the only color on the rainbow

the hague pride 2019 describing itself as an event with lots of all caps PINK activities is definitely one of the most neoliberal bullshit things i've seen in a while

Honestly fuck ancient greek philosophy. like 80% of it is just old beardy motherfuckers saying obviously untrue bullshit and arguing with each other about it. "Falsehood is impossible! People are made of triangles! My dick is a hat!" Fuck off

My gay succulent son Gary keeps wanting to bring his friend Thunk over but I keep coming up with reasons to say no because I am afraid of Thunk

Reading the curvy wife guy unauthorised biography

god i love being apolitical. anyway let me tell you why i think discord should have a switch that mutes all women in chat

i listen to all music at triple speed so i can enjoy more of it in a shorter amount of time

new activity i do: throw tall soup cans in the air until it smacks my soft head and knocks me out. i start over again when i wake

[boomer stand up comedian voice] men and women, am i right? what’s the deal with that

next christmas i am walking into mastodon hq and i’m turning off the server. you’re welcome

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