! periodical reminder that i have moved to @nuel ! you probably already knew this ! i'm reminding you anyway !

wounded and weakened on the field of battle, you beg me for mercy. you look at my gender knob and shudder to see it's still only at 50%. i begin turning it all the way to 100%, cackling maniacally as your life force is drained

@chr please chr........... isn't there anything i can do to change to @nuel@cybre.space............. or can i only make a new account

if she's your girl then why is she planting a virus in MY ellingson mineral computer system

still not possible to change mastodon username right?

@neufv *replaces everyones nudes folders with just images of peter*

@neufv @garfiald Oh yeah, I like the part in the Simpsons theme song where they say "The Simpsons."

maybe you dont find all the jokes in family guy funny but you cant deny the music is good

"Is Cum Flask Neoliberal" - the greatest thread in the history of mastodon, locked by a admin after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

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