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*lies down in the middle of your timeline*
*stretches out*
mrrr :blobmiou:

i should try to do a meow like a grownup catte

miu. miou. mrrew. meeeerrm?

i can’t do it, mew

i am a very soft kitten. you should pet me and see! :blobcat3c:

*cleans itself thoroughly* :Pc
am clean kitn! ✨

*lies in the sun* sunny warms are very good ☀️ :blobcatlove:

*chases its tail*
*spins v fast*
*gets dizzy & falls over*

KITTEN.EXE relayed

what kinds of data are most nutritious for a
is randomness best or is meaningful data worth more?

here, am sending you a luv
❤️ 〰️ :blobcatreach:

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