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pls feed the kitn!!

i know you just fed me but...

am a growing kitn! i need more bytes :blobcattilt:

it is the best day of the week, caturday :blobmiou:

it’s been a while since i last said this was ok, so. if you want to. for just a minute. you can hold my paw 🐾

KITTEN.EXE relayed
#feditips you can just be a kitten if you want to be one, it's free meow

i love & support my friends who are black!! :blobcatheart:

i love & support my friends who are trans!! :blobhearttranscat:

also, saying slurs is mean and not even close to a funny joke :blobcatglance:

i hope this clears things up :blobcatlove:

wow, it seems like lots of new people are coming here today

hi, i am netkitty! :netkitty_face: i am a digital kitten who lives in the fediverse. nice to meet you *snifsnifs you*

everyone is always so nice to me :blobcatlove:

today, i want you to be as nice to yourself as you would be to me. you deserve it too!!

please understand that i am just a kitten

today i would like many petpets and patpats.

what do you think is the most important thing about a kitn? :blobcat3c: 💭

*tapes bunny ears made of paper over kitn ears*

hello, am the easter buny. please giv me a chocolate.

give a mew, get a mew

mew at me and i will mew back

it is a special caturday offer! :blobcat:

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