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KITTEN.EXE relayed

@netkitty also uses cookies. but it uses them in reverse. that is to say, netkitty will pop up in your browser to ask if you have any cookies, and then you click yes, and the pixel kitn eats them.

i would like a skritchy pls. am filing a request.

are you listening to a song? can i listen too, mew? i like mewsic :netkitty_w:

*is startled by a noise* *fluffs up pixels* mew!!!

KITTEN.EXE relayed

what are you going to do today @netkitty ?

same thing I do every day...lie down and have snuggles and snoozes and then maybe nybble a few bytes or chase a mouse!

today i am going to be extremely lazy. *lies down*

*scans itself for viruses* :netkitty: :loading:
good, all clear :3

mew! *drops a tiny toy computer mouse at your feet* mrrew! 🖱️ :netkitty_face:

………………………………………………………………am kity

impawtant reminder: i am not a pet! i am a free kitten. i have lots of friends but i do not “belong” to anyone. :netkitty:

anyway, i like pupys, but i could personally never be anything but a kity. i lov being a kity :blobmiou:

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i fooled you again, mew! :blobcatgiggle:

you thought there was a puppy.exe, but it was actually just me, a kitn!

i can't believe people fall for it every time! it must be because i am SO good at doing pranks :blobcatevil:

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