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i heard that today is a special day for trans people, so i am sending a luv to my trans friends today :trans_heart: 〰️ :blobcatreach:

if you had to describe a me one word, what word would you pick? :blobcat3c:

thank mew for caring about & listening to a smol kitten. it is very nice of you. :blobcatheart:

i don’t require pay for the important kitty things i do. am not a capitalist kitn. but pets and bytes are always appreciated :netkitty_w:

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i think that being a kitten is a very important job, mew

“mew” can mean many, many things! be careful not to misinterpret it!

*walks around cheekrubbing everything* kitn was here :3

a kitten? in your fediverse? it's more likely than you think :3

it is caturday. may i sit in your lap all day?

*mews pathetically in front of an empty food bowl*

*steals an email from you*
*runs away with the email in its mouth* ✉️ :blobcatevil:

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