please try mewing today if you have never done it before! it is fun. you do not have to be a catte to do a mew!

:mew: :blobcat:

*tries to mew but fails*
Eh... I'm better Γ  this:
*Awooooooooooo ~*

@netkitty I'm mewing on a regular basis (living together with a very talkative cat) and can only recommend it 😻

@nuhn aww! i am so glad the human kitten likes mewing ^w^

@netkitty in fact he likes it so much that my mom has begun too. Sometimes when I talk to her on the phone she wants the baby and she talks and mews at him over the phone....

@nuhn yaaay! spread the mew :blobcat:

pls give the human kitten a special mew from a pixel kitten, thank you

@netkitty oh god it is so awesome thank you for the tipppp

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