@deejvalen ...what would happen if i curled up with a blanket and with you? would i get warms and cools at the same time? :blobcat3c:

@netkitty warm, save for where I'm close, then a bit cooler there

useful if you wanna be warmb but have like, a cool pillow to rest head on

@deejvalen that sounds nice, i want to try it :3

*uncurls and drags blanket over to you*

@netkitty@cybre.space curls up nearby, a ball of fluff with only an occasionally twitching ear or tail visible

@netkitty make the orb of kitten the main artefact of a new religion

*gives @netkitty one of the the expensive nybbles as a treat*


*curls around ball*
I will protec little kitn sphere. :dragnuwu:

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