@Natsura @puniko *hops next to you on other half of lap and sleeps*

@deejvalen *purrs*

am still having many thinks about what instance to move to. is tiring for a smol kittn. i need to just be a lazy pixelfuzz for a while

@netkitty lil kittens shouldn't have to think this hard. I'm sorry its difficult for it when it just wants to lay in sunbrams and mew

@deejvalen yes, kitns are good at mewing and playing and absorbing warms, not so much thinking :blobcatmlem:

@netkitty kittens deserve to play freely and clamber about on one another and nap in cute piles and mew! and not have to think!

@netkitty *nods in agreement and reaches to give lazy scritchies*

@netkitty *skritchy-skritchies warmly* Can't say no to that~

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