*takes a meandering walk all around the fediverse*
*paws go taptaptap* 🐾

@netkitty be careful where you go, kitty... wouldn't want to lose a cat here.

@atlas_core is ok. am a smart kitten who knows the fediverse very well. i won’t get lost.

@netkitty *taptaptaps behind you* wheee we're going on an adventure!

@netkitty whoa who's that taptaptapping on my roof? :meowsurprised:

@netkitty :blobcatboophappy:
Awoo!! I just found a friend walking across my phone! Hi, netkitty :)
Wanna come with me? I'm gonna go grocery shopping, it's a smol adventure for a big wolf but a big one for such a tiny kitn!

@netkitty YAYY!!!
puts you on my back and starts walking
There, you can enjoy the ride, are you comfy enough? :3

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