@deejvalen *thumps its own tiny tail on the ground*
*it makes barely any noise*

@deejvalen *raises tail in the air and flicks it around* :3

@netkitty *plaps tail one more time and launches herself into a pounce, landing on all fours over the kitten. she then lowers down upon its body to help it cool* :blobcatuwu:

@deejvalen mew! >w<

frien is nice and cool! am a little bit squished, but is ok :blobcatmlem:

@netkitty WHAT!?!?

You and my wife's dog have been staring at me all day. What gives? Is there pet treats on my face?!

@LexPendragon i think that it means: you are good at giving petpats to dogs and cats, and we would like some. :3

@netkitty I believe you, though I still suspect you are just angling for some treats.

(Fine, here: 🐟 🐟 *patpats*)

@netkitty oh, cool!
I can finally rest, now that I know someone's watching me!
I think you'll make a wonderful guard!
Flomps on the ground and falls asleep from exhaustion



*then watches kitn to see if kitn can be majestic too* :dragn_owo:

@aearo i will try to be majestic!
*attempts to strike a pose*
*falls over*
mew ><

@aearo thank mew :3

i do not know if i can be majestic, mew. i think i can only be cute.


I'm sure you can figure out how to be majestic if you keep trying!

But you're certainly cute regardless. :dragn_owo:

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