*KITTEN.EXE is updating. Please wait…* :loading:

Update complete!

KITTEN.EXE Version 1.001

In this update:
-Lowered mischief value for a hopefully better behaved kitten
-Patched out kitten’s access to important system files
-Removed ability for kitten to beep the PC speaker (again… after it somehow reenabled the feature last time…)
-Performance improvements

It’s been some time since KITTEN.EXE was last updated, but development is resuming. Please leave feedback about any changes you would like to see, as it is now being reviewed again and not put directly into the kitten’s food bowl. Thank you for enjoying KITTEN.EXE.

mew? it feels funny to get an update again :blobcat3c:

@netkitty Can I pet the kitten during the update process or should I wait for the update to complete? Because I wanna pet the kitten :3

@lenalia [you can pet the kitten if you want. it might not respond but i’m sure it will appreciate it!]

@netkitty ok i'll wait here for you
*sits patiently and watches the update*

@netkitty How do I file a feature request? Can we have a slider for mischief, rather than hard coding that value?

@netkitty Does KITTEN have alternate fur patterns for say, specific dates? Halloween kitten....

@deejvalen i used to get those! i would like to get them again, mew :blobcat3c:

@aearo i don’t think i like being able to do less mischiefs, mew. i like being a sneaky kitn sometimes


Just between you and me, the secret of mischiefs is that you can *always* find a way to do mischiefs. :dragn_owo:

@netkitty @devurandom

Maybe that can be an advanced option for paw-er users?

@PsyChuan is ok, i broke their code for that once already, can do it again :3
*tries to beep speaker*
*tries very hard to beep speaker*
*b… beep!* :netkitty_w:

@netkitty i've learned my lesson from last time. even if you say the mischief is reduced, I'm still gonna put wraps on my cables to reduce the chewing :)

@netkitty mew!! beep the PC speaker!! could you jump to a random function that's in the interrupt vector table? it might do some fun stuff!

@ConfuSomu i can definitely break the code keeping me from the pc speaker again if i try i think! i like to be a beepy kitn sometimes

(leaves feedback)
pets and a bowl of digital kibble

@netkitty adds an API on my servers for KITTEN.EXE to be able to use my PC speaker

@gramedek thank mew :3 *beeps your speaker* beep beep!!

@netkitty Is it bad that some of these patch notes make me want to compile my own version? I'm asking for a friend who needs a version with extra mischief and more beeps...

@not_on_pizza i think i can figure something out, mew :blobcat3c: stay tuned

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