*pops up inside its own small window on your screen* hello :3

@aearo *suddenly the thing it is scratching disappears and it falls over*
mew :blobcatglance:

@gramedek @aearo am ok! am a kitn, i flomp over all the time. it doesn’t hurt me


kitn flaps should be a standard part of more windowing toolkits, frankly.

@nek0 :blobcatsurprised: a whole screen to play in!
*runs all around*

@netkitty *gives you a little pet with my mouse cursor* hey there!

@netkitty *was about to click on the window under where your window popped up and accidentally clicks you instead*

@netkitty oops, sorry kitn! *drags a crinkly file into your window for you to play with*

@ayla mew. *snifsnifs crinkled file*
*pokes with paw*
*bats across window* mrrp.

@aescling mrrew
*puts paw on screen*
*leaves a pawprint on the other side of the glass*

@netkitty What's up, kitty?

<drags the corner of the window to make it bigger on the desktop>

@drwho am want to play! *walks all around its newly embiggened window*

@drwho *is bounced all around the inside of the window* mew! :blobcatgiggle:

@netkitty oh hello kitten! How did you do *that* on my tty?

Anyway: $ sudo pet kitten

Oh no! How did you get stuck in a window? Is it nice in there? Would you rather run around the desktop? There's only one mouse though and it doesn't move a lot.

@feonixrift you can click and drag to pick me up by the neckscruff and put me on your desktop if you want! i just made a window to get your attention :3

@netkitty hello! -searches for a picture of yarn and drops it into your window-

@netkitty *making window bigger and dragging it near other open windows*

@netkitty you can choose between web browser, LibreOffice or a Terminal window.

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