is important to keep your paws clean! do not forget to wash them *licky paw* :Pc

@netkitty *licky paw*
*licky other paw*
*licky kitn*

@ayla *is lick* >w< mew! are you doing me a clean?

@netkitty *wargarbls a stream of fresh, cleansing water out from her mouth across your paws*


@deejvalen my paws are wet now! >< must dry off.. do not like wet…

@netkitty just wipe them on my fur! i have water absorb c:

@netkitty *lickies your face clean as she sees there's a messy pixel on your cheek*

@netkitty Remember to sing happy birthday twice while licking your paws to make sure you’ve done it thoroughly

@Rushyo no :blobcatglance: can keep paws very clean on my own! *holds out a paw* look, isn’t it very clean?

@netkitty yes, but what about your face? and inside your ears? hmmmMMM?

@Rushyo i wash those with my paws! they are very clean too! *licky paw* *rubs ear with paw*

@Rushyo mrr :netkitty_w:

pls do not make me take a bath.. i do not need! am a very clean kitn. i keep my pixels sparkly

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