*senses with its smol whiskers* hmm.

*walks up to you* i knew i sensed a friend nearby :3

@netkitty Feeling a bit down and trying to find music to make vee happy again, but there's one song that I don't recall the name of that's causing hyperfixation...

@netkitty I can only remember the beginning to it and need to like, whistle that part out and put up a bounty for it. I cannot find it otherwise ;_;

@dokuja yes, i can do many fun things with my whiskers, including finding friends, mew :3

@netkitty I was gonna take a nap, so you are welcome to curl up on the bed or on my hip, just please don't walk on my face.

@ayla *mews at you*
can i curl up next to you, mew?

@netkitty Awww de widdle kitten! And de widdle wiskers! Her's the bestest widdle kitten evers! *scratches behind the ears and near the tail*

@netkitty :o
I didn't know I left such a trail online, I really should take care of that!

Gives bytes and data flow

@gramedek *kronches bytes* pls don’t worry about it, it is a special ability of a digital kitty :3 i’m sure you are very private online

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